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Bluedale Publishing, which was founded in 2007, specialises in publishing matters such as writing press releases, translations, and magazines with an focus on travel and tourism topics. We, Bluedale Publishing, aspires to be the leading publisher in Malaysia known for its travel and tourism promotions.

Tambunan The Guide E-book

E-Book of Tambunan The Guide

First published in 2019, Tambunan The Guide is a free local travel guidebook aimed to help travellers in navigating their way around the hidden gem of Sabah, Tambunan. The guidebook provides travel tips on what to prepare and know beforehand, places to visit, must try foods in town, hotels to stay at, and eco-tourism spots within Tambunan.

Thought this small quaint town is filled with terrace paddy fields all around, Tambunan has many picturesque views and eco-tourism spots, offering travellers a serene and relaxing vacation for them to unwind and regenerate. For more details on the places of your choice, download an e-copy of the guidebook here or scan the QR code down below.

Travel Guide In Your Palm

Tambunan The Guide app is a free travel guide app created to ensure both international and domestic travellers are given the information needed for them to have an enjoyable adventure around the hidden gem of Sabah. Tambunan is adorned with numerous hiatorical sites such as the famous Batu Gong and the Tugu Peringatan Mat Salleh.

We have meticulously cirated each section of the app in order to provide travellers with sufficient information that they need to explore the quiant town with ease. In addition, Tambunan The Guide app also has a slang section to help travellers in knowing a few common words used in Sabah and to get directions to your chosen location. So, what are you waiting for? Download our app and get ready to explore what the hidden gem of Sabah has to offer. Available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Tambunan The Guide App