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Tamu is a fixture in the local people of Tambunan daily lives; people visit these spots for authentic street food, grocery shopping and to look for unusual finds. Any Sabahan would be familiar with the term “tamu”, or open-market. Tambunan boasts three weekly open-markets, namely the Pasar / Tamu Malam which is held every Wednesday afternoon till evening and Tamu Hari Empat or the Thursday Open-market starting from as early as 6 o’clock in the morning till 1 o’clock in the afternoon, both held in Pisompuruan Square; and the Sunday Open Market at the Toboh Tamu Ground starting from 6 o’clock in the morning until noon. After all, what better way to get a feel of the locals’ lifestyle than by sampling the wide array of street food in the tamu, as well as browsing through the goods that reflect Tambunan’s multi-ethnic population?


Tambunan Weekly Open Market

The weekly tamu in Tambunan holds the attraction of being a convenient stop to carry a wide range of fresh vegetables and fruits, local handicrafts, kitchen appliances, hardware and various desserts and snacks. It’s the ultimate shopping places to buy local produce at a reasonable price. From traditional musical instruments such as the sompoton, household furniture such as bamboo mats or kolobon, to artsy and decorative pieces like bamboo wind chimes and mini wakid, one can buy all of these at the at the weekly tamu. Visiting tamu is an enjoyable thing to do like most of the locals are very friendly and be immersed in the merry environment; the combination of various colorful cultures and custom due to its multiracial composition brings a whole new experience to take back home.
Wednesday (starts from 5.30 until night); Thursday (starts from 6 am – 1.30 pm)


Tambunan Night Market

From as early as 1 pm, the Tambunan Night Market is already abuzz with activity and color, and the traffic is starting to bottleneck around the designated street as vendors park their vans indiscriminately to unload their wares, and shoppers try to beat each other to any available parking spot in the vicinity. It is best to go early to beat the crowds and to secure the best and freshest choice of food. With fewer shoppers, it is easier to make your way around the stalls and to take your time to browse.
By around 5 pm, the market is in full swing as the first batches of office workers sweep in. It is now closer to dinner time and people are looking to fill an empty stomach. The weather is less sunny at this hour; it's a more popular time as most of Tambunan people try to beat the heat by staying out of the sun. Feel free to spend time browsing through the night market and looking for the best food to experience the authentic and local culture.

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